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Thursday, November 5, 2009

blushing pearl

a friend of mine recently purchased her very own letterpress machine (a vintage chandler & price 8x12) and is now a one woman printing machine! (well, two if you count her cute little "bula bear" dog as her assistant).


marsinah and i met in a design class at cal state long beach about 10 years ago and we've been friends ever since. marsinah has recently started her very own company called, blushing pearl, and i am so excited for this new venture of hers. we met up yesterday for our typical get-together-and-catch-up sushi dates and she gave me a set of her beautiful letterpress notecards that i just had to show off and share with you all.

"french chandelier and lace" by blushing pearl on Etsy

i don't think photographs do letterpress printing justice.  to truly appreciate the art of letterpress, you MUST be able to feel the paper and run your fingers accross the texture and imprint of the design.  it really is like "a kiss to the paper" as marsinah explains in her letterpress printing process.

if you want this notecard for yourself or know someone that would absolutely love these as a gift, you can purchase them on her Blushing Pearl Etsy Shop.  she's got plenty of other designs as well and constantly adding new stuff so check her out and show her some love!!!

i can't wait to collaborate with marsinah on future projects and be able to offer "in a card" designs with "blushing pearl" letterpress printing!

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  1. Irena you rock! And those photos look great too.. Gotta love natural light :)



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