welcome to in a card's blog...

i know that "cute" is not a word typically used to describe good design, but in my world, it is. if it's your first reaction to say, "aww... how cute!" then it must be just that! "C-U-T-E." and i'm talking about so incredibly, ridiculously cute that the most masculine of men will even say those three words without thinking twice about it.

and so that is what i hope to share with you on my blog...

a combination of really unique ideas, simple thoughts that come randomly into my mind, along with "cute" designs that i've designed or come across.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

more quotable cards

i got such great response to my quotable cards this year, i decided to add to the line.  8 new ones to be exact, which you can find on my Etsy shop.

here's a preview of a couple of them...

Quote No. 20 by in a card on Etsy

Quote No. 19 by in a card on Etsy

Quote No. 18 by in a card on Etsy

i got a request a couple weeks ago from a customer that wanted a specific quote on a card that she wanted to send to a few friends.  well that quote made it to Quote No. 16 of my quotable card line.

Quote No. 18 by in a card on Etsy

feel free to let me know if there is a special quote that you would like to see on a card.  i'm always open to custom requests.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

custom designs for Chlo + E

what do you get when you cross event planners and "in a card"?
answer: a match made in heaven!

when i design invitations for a party it's always nice to see the theme played throughout the entire event.  from the invitations, to the decorations, to the party favors and sometimes even to the dessert.  i always thought it would be amazing to work alongside event planners because i know they would be able to showcase my design the best way possible.

so you could imagine how excited i was when chloe & elana, of Chlo + E Events, contacted me regarding a vintage race car themed party they were preparing for and needed some designs for the party favor labels and buffet table tags.  a few emails later a vintage race car was designed and a milk & cookies table was added along.  here are a few pics, courtesy of Chlo + E Events, of the milk & cookies table.

*all images courtesy of Chlo + E
Chlo + E Dessert Tables and Yummy Events is a Los Angeles based dessert buffet design team. Each table incorporates custom sweets and details to make your event memorable. 

If you have a particular theme in mind or need help creating one, Chlo + E will work with you to create a customized table to amaze your guests.
While our unique dessert tables and favors are our specialty, we have an eye for creating the overall look for a party and can plan your special event from start to finish. Our creativity and attention to detail will make any event distinct and one to remember.
So whether you are planning an elegant wedding, an imaginative birthday, or a chic engagement party, Chlo + E will create something unforgettably sweet for you and your guests.
for more info, visit, www.chloeevents.com, find them on facebook or email them at info@chloeevents.com

stay tuned for the vintage race car table pics...

Monday, November 1, 2010

ladybug, ladybug, come out and play

the internet and online world is extremely big, yet sometimes can feel so small all at the same time.

dana found me on google while searching for ladybug invitations for her daughter's 1st birthday & baby naming party. she emailed me, we spoke on the phone and we soon discover that we live only several blocks away from one another. how fortuitous is that, considering i had just moved into my new place?

we immediately started exchanging emails and phone conversations. dana told me she wanted to do a classy, yet playful, ladybug invitation for her daughter, sasha's 1st birthday, in december and so, i translated her words into this invitation design...

each invitation is embellished with a playful red and black polka dot ribbon, along with 3 cute tiny little wooden painted ladybugs.  i find it almost impossible to look at this invitation without squealing in delight.

normally, ladybugs are related to garden parties for the spring or summer months, so we decided to keep any trace of green grass or gingham print tablecloth as far away as possible.  Instead use the colors of a ladybug, red, black and white, to help set the theme and tone of the party.

dana ask that i also do signs and goodie bag labels for the party, so be sure to come back later in december to see how the whole set turns out.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

the devil wears prada

i always get so giddy when a themed party is executed so well, and that is exactly what happened when i saw christine chang's blog today! christine posted a few pics from her mom's surprise birthday party, that i had the honor of designing invitations for, and i MUST give props to her and her sister, Crystal, for doing such a FABULOUS job!

here are a few pics i snagged off of christine's blog...

the invitation...

the fabulous cake...

christine, her mom, and sister, crystal

hilarious PROM CAM pic...

*all photos courtesy of christine chang photography

make sure you check out christine's complete blog post to see the amazing pictures she took along with the wonderful details the party entailed.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

celebrating major milestones

i think all birthdays are special and worthy of a celebration. but major milestones are different. they are like the mark of a new chapter... the start of something even greater... and definitely worthy of custom invitations!

here are two invitations i recently worked on... one for a 60th and another for a 70th birthday celebration.  both very different in colors and themes, but both very elegant and classy like the women they are celebrating.

if you're interested in custom birthday invitations, please feel free to contact me.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

custom made to order

happy first day of september...

the days seem to go by faster and the months are starting to just roll into one another. this past month, my weekends were filled with a little R&R and filling etsy orders during the week. i had a few more custom made simplewear orders then the average, so i thought i'd share a few of the fun designs.

this "little bizzzy bee" design was inspired by a bee themed baby shower for the mother-to-be. now everyone can know who this little bizzzy bee belongs to.

it seems exciting enough when you are able to share a pregnancy with your best friend. imagine how much more exciting it is when you're both having little girls? it's a given that the 2 little girls will be BFF's as well. so this would make them BFF to the second degree!

my little cousin recently had a superhero themed party for his 5th birthday and i thought this shirt would be an absolutely perfect gift and an awesome shirt for his first day of kindergarten.

when you've got a beautiful strong name like, zachary bruce morse, you almost have to let the whole world know and since little baby zach is too little to tell everyone himself, this little onesie will do the job for him.

if you like any of these designs, would like to purchase or have an idea you'd like applied to a onesie or t-shirt, feel free to email me for more details or visit my etsy shop for other design options.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

simplewear giveaway

SAVE THE DATE: september 15th & 16th
to enter for a chance to win a simplewear onesie!

simplewear is taking part of this year's BLOGMANIA by donating a "made with love by" or "welcomed with love by" onesie to Nomie.Eco.Ware, as part of the Handmade with Love Giveaway.

make sure to read the full write up by Nomie here: http://nomieecoware.blogspot.com/2010/08/blogmania-sponsor-simplewear.html

bookmark http://nomieecoware.blogspot.com/ and come back september 15th & 16th to enter for a chance to win!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

triple threat

the simplewear twin sets have been a great hit and i received several inquiries on triplet sets at the renegade craft fair.  so since then the ideas have been flowing... here are 2 new sets i created specifically for triplets.

"triple threat" by simplewear on Etsy

"hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil" by simplewear on Etsy

i think the "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil" makes for a great little set for any 3 monkeys: siblings, cousins or even for the new family (mommy, daddy and baby)!  email me if you want more info on customizing this design on adult size tees and tanks.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

pick up that pen & send a little love...

new flat notecards just added to my in a card Etsy shop.  always makes for a great little gift for others as well as yourself. what better way to say thank you or a simple hello then with a handwritten note.

"convo me" by in a card on Etsy

"fleur de lis" by in a card on Etsy

"thank you curls" by in a card on Etsy

"the original email" by in a card on Etsy

more notecards, as well all custom and personalized designs, are available at inacard.etsy.com

hot mamas & papa-razzis

here is the latest design to hit the simplewear line... introducing mommy&me and daddy&me sets.

for all those hot mamas out there with their hot babes!

"hot mama/hot babe" by simplewear on Etsy

and for the new papa turned papa-razzi with their new super-star baby!

"papa-razzi/super-star" by simplewear on Etsy

high quality baby onesies, woman's racerback tank and men's t-shirt is individually styled and customized allowing for an original and memorable gift idea.

mommy's little lady

i told you this cute little lady bug would find it's way on something...

i couldn't resist putting a few more on the back side.

"mommy's little lady" by simplewear on Etsy

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

2nd annual LA renegade craft fair

i can't believe it's been over a month since my last blog entry promoting the renegade craft fair and now i'm about to share a few pics from the event. it's safe to say in between that time, i was prepping and working on new designs to debut at the craft fair. all new designs are now posted and available for purchase on my etsy shops, inacard.etsy.com and simplewear.etsy.com

this was my first time doing a craft fair and i couldn't have asked for a better one to start off with then the Renegade Craft Fair. such a wonderful experience and i can't wait to do it again! i'm so glad my friend Jen Hewett, of Jen Hewett Studios, asked me to join her to share a booth and honored that we were chosen as one of their selected vendors.

here are a few pics of the booth that were taken in between all the great people that stopped in to check out the goods, shop and chit chat.

here is my booth mate Jen Hewett and her wonderful silk screened goods.  Jen is an illustrator and a printmaker and she's just simply FABULOUS!  you can see more of her wonderful work and learn more about Jen on her blog.

i've had this print of hers bookmarked in my favorites for over a year and now i finally have it!  i can't wait to get it framed and up in the bedroom.

"your uncomfortable is my hot silkscreen print, v.1" by Jen Hewett on Etsy 

don't be jealous, you can get one too on her Etsy shop, jenhewett.etsy.com

the next few blog posts will be of some new designs i debuted at the craft fair, now posted on both the in a card Etsy shop and the simplewear Etsy shop.  i was really inspired by people's reactions to certain products so my mind has been on the go since, with new ideas.  make sure to check back in for all the latest and greatest!

to all family & friends that came by and showed your love and support, THANK YOU...  you are always the true source of my inspiration!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

LA renegade craft fair

only 1 month away!!!

i'll be participating in this years RENEGADE CRAFT FAIR, saturday, JULY 24th and sunday, JULY 25th at the Los Angeles State Historic Park (aka The Cornfield), from 11am - 7pm.

it's completely FREE to attend and would make for a great weekend filled with lots of fun craft, art and design! feel free to visit their website for more info: http://www.renegadecraft.com/los-angeles

i will also be offering FREE SHIPPING on any custom/personalized orders for both "in a card" stationery goods and "simplewear" onesies & tees placed at the Renegade Craft Fair. i've been working on new designs that I'll be debuting that weekend so you'll have to come by to check it out and say hi!

feel free to share this info along to all your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. the more the merrier! :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

hey lady...

here is another custom baby shower invitation i recently did. it's a slight twist to the shower flowers design i did back in march.

i decided to go with more primary colors to suit the style of the mama-to-be a little better.

i also incorporated her favorite bug, a ladybug, which fit real nicely with the wording on the invitation.

i'm really lovin' this cute new little ladybug so it may appear on other stationery goods and possibly on a simplewear onesie.  so be on the look out...


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