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i know that "cute" is not a word typically used to describe good design, but in my world, it is. if it's your first reaction to say, "aww... how cute!" then it must be just that! "C-U-T-E." and i'm talking about so incredibly, ridiculously cute that the most masculine of men will even say those three words without thinking twice about it.

and so that is what i hope to share with you on my blog...

a combination of really unique ideas, simple thoughts that come randomly into my mind, along with "cute" designs that i've designed or come across.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"she works hard for the money"

"so hard for it honey..."

ahh... yes, donna summer's song, "she work's hard for the money" pretty much sums up my life right now.

just wanted to say sorry that i haven't been blogging, facebooking, or twittering as much lately. i've been freelancing on site a lot lately and then coming home to work on other projects.

don't get me wrong though, i'm not complaining about the work. i actually really appreciate it with so many people struggling to keep a job or even finding one right now.

so a BIG thanks to those of you that have been spreading the word and referring me to friends, families and colleagues!!! you guys are the best-est!!!

stay tuned for new posts about new projects and other CUTE things in the works...  (and hopefully i'll squeeze in sometime in between all that to re-do the website.)

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